• Industrial Boilers
  • Autoclave
  • Heating equipments
  • Accessories & boiler components


Industrial Boilers
  • Waste heat recovery steam boiler
  • IBR steam boilerEnergypack boiler Catlogue
  • Coal fired steam boilers
  • Oil fired steam boilers
  • Gas fired steam boiler
  • Briquette fired steam boilers
  • Non IBR steam boiler
  • Small industrial boilers
  • Steam generator with thermic fluid heating system
dewaxing autoclave

  • Electrically heated Dewaxing autoclave
  • Gas fired Dewaxing autoclave
  • Oil fired Dewaxing autoclave boilers
  • Wood/coal fired Dewaxing autoclave boilers
  • Hot air circulation autoclave
  • Rubber vulcanizing autoclave for automobile
Heating equipments
  • Waste heat recovery thermic fluid heater
  • Electrical thermic fluid heater
  • Oil fired thermic fluid heater
  • Coal/briquette fired thermic fluid heater
  • Gas fired thermic fluid heater
  • Hot water boiler
  • Pressurized closed loop hot water boiler
  • Direct air heater
  • Indirect air heater
Accessories & boiler components
  • I D fan with double ball bearing
  • Water level assembly
  • Oil/gas burner
  • Mechanical dust collector
  • Boiler control panel
  • Economizer
  • Air preheater
  • Pressure vessel
  • Water service tank & its supporting structure
  • Fuel oil service tank & its supporting structure
  • Self supported chimney
  • Guy rope supported chimney
Guy rope supported chimney
Guy rope supported chimney
Economical guy wire supported chimeny can be supplied to reduce the initial investment cost without effecting the perfomance of heating equipment.
Self supported chimney
Self supported chimney
We design self supported chimeny as per is 6533 with latest amendment & supplied 46 mtrs heaight chimeny with 1500 top diameter & 20 years life.